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Telemetry details for Wacom Experience Program

Wacom tablet drivers includes code that uses Google Analytics to track your computer usage. After public exposure, they now include a description on their website:

If a user agrees to participate, from time to time, the data is collected through Google Analytics and sent to Google Analytics’ server, not Wacom’s server. Wacom does not collect MAC addresses and product serial numbers. Although Google Analytics (Apps version) collects IP addresses, we are unable to access to such IP address data.
More details about what is collected follows.
The Wacom software driver will collect a sample of information such as the pen tablet models, how customers use our hardware and the names of the software applications being used when a Wacom device is in use, and the Wacom Desktop Center and Wacom Tablet Properties control panel (Windows) or Wacom Tablet preferences pane (macOS) will collect basic app usage data.
The Experience Program now seems to be optional and the user informed before it is in use.