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The BHO list was a project by Tony Klein and others who collected information about so called Browser Helper Objects. BHOs are plugins for Internet Explorer that are not always installed voluntarily. Information here is © 2000ff Tony Klein.
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Wintime Wtxpload
Wxpload.exe Wintime
Part of the software to support a Dexxa USB graphics tablet. From a visitor - "This gets started anyway when you plug in the USB connector for the graphics tablet, if it's not already running. It then starts an application which manages the tablet messages. Since I leave the tablet unplugged unless I need to use it, I don't need this running at startup. I suspect that this program monitors a number of windows messages, so that when it's loaded, my regular mouse slows down - it acts like it 'sticks' entering and leaving windows. Certainly my performance returned to what I expected when I removed this item using MSCONFIG"